It’s about working as a team. Co-Packing is for a company or individual wanting to use their own blend.

Your selected blend is packed into our Nespresso* compatible aluminium capsule, bringing your product to life.
Personalised foil lidding is possible.

The benefit of packing your coffee, tea or powder into our capsules opens up opportunity for your company into new markets.

CREATE YOUR VISON in 4 Easy steps:


Provide sample blend (coffee / tea / powder)


Choose from 4 capsule colours


Personalisation of lidding


Select package die line and add your artwork

DalCuore Co Packaging
DalCuore Co Packaging
DalCuore Co Packaging

Get in touch with Dal Cuore Coffee about our Co-Packing options! 

Tel:  +27 83 677 3689

All Private Label capsules are Nespresso* compatible aluminium capsules.